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Laique Lodhi (late) was the founder of SkillGlow™. SkillGlow™ is committed to provide IELTS preparation in Lahore. Laique was an Australian qualified and experienced IELTS trainer with a highly successful track-record as well as the author of first Pakistani IELTS Fast-Track book,  "Eye on IELTS".

M. Adil, successor of Laique Lodhi, has been conducting highly effective IELTS coaching sessions for students, planning to take their IELTS for the first time or previous IELTS Students who want to improve their Band Score.

Eye on IELTS (by Laique Lodhi)
  • More Then 300 Speaking and Writing Exercises and Model Answers with Detailed Keys
  • An Extremely Practical Book for IELTS Students and Teachers
  • Simple and Easy to Understand Language
  • Extraordinary Strategies and Test Techniques




Useful Videosby Laique Lodhi



Why IELTS Preparation with SkillGlow™

Many students consider the IELTS test as a tough and scary experience. Most candidates do not get the band score they desire and only less than 10% of get the score they need whereas others fail to achieve their required level of IELTS because they are badly advised and badly taught. Many websites claim to offer IELTS materials, but a lot of what you get from the internet is either incorrect or written by someone who does not know the IELTS test, has no experience in teaching IELTS. Over the past eight years SkillGlow™ has taught hundreds of IELTS candidates in 08 different counteries including Pakistan to achieve the band score they required.

  • Proven structures and techniques to truly improve your band score
  • Academic and General IELTS preparation specialty
  • Exceedingly effective for target band score for immigration
  • Develop incredible strategies and test techniques that are easy to take up and easy to understand
  • Tailor-made lessons to meet the précised Band score requirements of each individual Candidate

Advance your IELTS Skills

Having a good level of English language does not guarantee you a good score in the IELTS. Some students are more successful than others when taking IELTS. Often the more successful students are better prepared. However, sometimes students who do well have better test taking skills. These abilities really have nothing to do with understanding English better. They are strategic skills that make taking the test easier, and therefore provide better results. I do apply these strategic skills and expertise during all my preparation sessions for my students, to make them achieve their desired Band score in IELTS        

M. Adil
IELTS Mentor
SkillGlow™ International


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